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2012 August 12: Quigney, East London. South Africa by Noluthando Hermanus & Zamanguni Mzimela



About 200 hundred people attended the first 2012 East London Pride!  The first time hosting such event was a success.  Mainly gay and lesbians came from Lusikisiki, Gcuwa and other parts of EL the parade served the purpose. It is on EC LGBTI communities interest to come together fight against Homo(Prejudice) bringing forward challenges faced by LGBTI community.


Yes democracy is about majority then the government and the state has the obligation to protect the minority. and “Just because the majority doesn’t agree with the minority doesn’t mean that the minority should be suppressed.” Why should someone be killed because they’re different? Should you really hate someone because they’re different from you? This is not just an EC challenge but Globally!

On the 2013 Pride I would love to see panel discussions between the government officials, traditional leaders and the LGBTI communities in dialogue that will help to improve our lives as citizens of this country. Those conversation need to occur a week before the Parade!!!

Thank you… Hope this is the start of something new in the EC and once again am committed and volunteering myself to help voice out LGBTI concerns…

For Zamanguni Mzimela, of the EC LGBTI, “it has been a long journey, advancing the struggle of the homosexuals in the Eastern Cape, a predominantly rural area. Our province with its beauty, tourist attractions and rich culture, we still have a long way to go in an attempt to succeed in achieving our bigger goals. The pride march was a success, blessed with an awesome weather, guests from various parts of SA, our families and friends. 

Though the numbers were not multitudes, but it was heart warming that the contituents were representative of all society members. A perfect demonstration that together we can achieve anything.
However while we celebrate and welcome all the love and support we still have serious concerns around the newly raising concerns of our honourable and respectable CONTRALESA. It is with great concern and urgency that some of their submitions on the media around homosexuality have put our society under an immense amount of pressure, uncertainly and threat. As a country we are fighting for equality, intergrity, humanity and rights for all. We are bttling with the hate crimes and societal dissaproval of our lifestyle. We therefore have a task to call upon our leaders and come to an understanding.
We hope that the law enforcement will also be more visible in our next demonstrations. We have worked with them before however we still need to strengthen our relations beyond events and functions. We require them the most at our time of need and vulnerability of our members and in the case with every member of our society.
Appreciate the work of the executive in putting together and its unity. It just comes to show that with unity we can achieve anything.  We appreciate the support of our members and sister organizations that offered their love and support. I have an appeal to the greater homo-community. It is important to note that there is more to who we are than our sexuality. We are sons, daughters, siblings to others, friends to some, and yes lovers to others. There is more to US than what outsiders think. There is even more to US than WE ourselves think. We should let it all shine so others can embrace us as WE ARE.  In the same way we want to be respected, let us respect others as well”.
The organisation operates in the rural areas, towns and townships of East London:  Luscious, MTV, Mbhashe, Lusikisiki, Mthatha, Butterworth, Idutywa, East London, Mdantsane, Dimbaza, King Williams Town.


More photos from EC LGBTI pride are available on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4355323039098.184579.1168374885&type=3